Before Your Start Date Please:

  • Join and create your Training Peaks account (www.trainingpeaks.com). Once you have set up your account, under YOUR SETTINGS towards the bottom, select 'Find a Coach'. There you will input my email address (adrian.landin@gmail.com) and it will send me the request. Training Peaks, TP as I refer to it, is where I will be creating and uploading your weekly workouts. I request that after EVERY day's workout you input your notes into your TP calendar. Even if it's not a 'gym day' and it's a run, swim, bike, or yoga day, please document that it was completed and share with me any questions, comments or concerns you have. 
  • Download MyFitnessPal app to your phone and please link it to your TP app. 
  • Create a Pinterest account and connect with me (www.pinterest.com/landin_adrian/) On my Pinterest page there is a board "Compliant Ingredients". Until we discuss your meal plan options, I want you to focus on having these foods in your kitchen.
  • Buy a spiral notebook and gallon jug for water. I know there are plenty of fancy or more attractive water bottles than a gallon, but I want you to have a gallon. And I want you to have it filled every morning and emptied by that night. At least one gallon of water every single day. No excuses. Yes, in the beginning your bladder will not be used to it and you will have to pee all day, but this much water is very important to what we are doing. 
  • Take front back and side photos of yourself a day or two before we begin. Guys, in shorts or boxers. Gals, in your bra and panties or a two piece bathing suit. I know this might feel vulnerable, but you will thank me later. Once you start seeing and feeling results, nothing feels as good as knowing and seeing where you came from. 
  • If you have not paid through the website payment page (www.adrianlandin.com/join-the-revolution), you may also do so at my PayPal: adrian.landin@gmail.com If it gives you the option to "Send money to friend or family member" do it that way. Avoids either of us incurring any fees.  If you are mailing me a check my mailing address is: 133 N. Mac Arthur Blvd., Irving, TX. 75061

A couple of requests (we will or already have discussed some of these):

  • The removal of any scale from your bedroom or bathroom. Put it in the closet or under the bed. You may weigh yourself the night before we begin but that will be the last time until further notice. There is not a number on any scale that will properly measure the success you are having. This isn't about any numbers. This is about creating new behaviors and practices. Ones that will sustainably get you where you want to be. 
  • I mentioned the importance of water. I also want to acknowledge the importance of cutting out sugar from your diet AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. For now, no more sugary energy drinks, no more sugar in your coffee, and no more sodas. In the world of health and nutrition, sugar is a demon. If you fear headaches or withdrawals, don't worry, it will only be for the first couple of days. 
  • Having a good blender or juicer. If you don't have one and don't want to buy one, ask around, there is bound to be a friend or family member who has one they are not currently using. 
  • Either completely removing alcohol from these 12 weeks OR you and I discussing and agreeing on a specific number of drinks you will have per week (like one or two). You've chosen this time to be your best you. To create strategies that will have you perform at a higher level and also have your body maximize its ability to respond to the work we are doing. Alcohol takes away from both the mental and physical aspect of your Revolution. This may or may not be a sensitive subject for you, if so, no problem. There just might be even more attention and exploration around alcohol we will do together.  

Other Tidbits:

  •  I highly value accountability, integrity and transparency. I would like to ask the same of you. If we discuss you doing something, I want to feel confident and trust that it will get done. And if it does not, I would like for you to let me know ASAP. I want to create and build integrity and accountability between the two of us. I will never belittle or shame anyone for missing a workout or breaking a commitment. However, I will challenge you if you don't do something as expected and I'm the one that has to bring it to your attention. I am here to coach you, support you and keep you accountable. 

  • I also ask that you TRUST THE PROCESS. No transformation, for better or worse, happens overnight. I ask for your patience (and persistence). When it feels like you are putting in more work than your results are showing and that voice of self-doubt starts to rear its head, tell it to shut the f*ck up and you choose to FINISH THE FIGHT.  Mind over matter. Progression over perfection. 

  • I want your Revolution to be a something that challenges you. That stretches you. That pushes you to your limits. I am committed to help you regain control of your health and fitness. AND, I want you to recognize that these 12 weeks are much more than just health and fitness. This is a time for self-reflection. A time to reestablish your self-worth. This is the time in your life you gave yourself permission to be the best version of yourself possible. I feel honored and humbled that you've chosen me to do this with. 

  • Lastly, let's have fun! You get to choose if this journey is something that feels like a chore for you, or if your Revolution is something that empowers you and is fun for you. You have the power to choose and the choice is yours to make.