My current clients testimonials after the first 6 weeks of their REVOLUTION

I’ve always been the type of person who doesn’t ask for directions, help or advice. I’ve always figured it out on my own. After turning 40 my body didn’t respond like it used to. I could no longer eat what I wanted and exercise it off. Now, I’m 44 and it’s taken 4 years, and a jump start from Adrian, to get back into gear. When I saw his picture and read his call for a “REVOLUTION” I was instantly sold. But, Adrian is so much more than that picture and those words. His passion for life, fitness, and helping others is what makes him inspirational. I never quite know what to expect during our one-on-one calls...and that’s a good thing. He is not the typical meat-head trainer. He’s inquisitive, probing and passionate about finding out what makes me tick, in order to get to the real issues or mental blocks that have kept me from hitting my goals. He’s invested in my health, he holds me accountable, and he truly inspires me to be a better me. His has a holistic, whole body approach to my overall health and this has been a true lifestyle Revolution. After 6 weeks I can see and feel the change in my energy level, my attitude, and of course my fitness. Regardless of where you are in your struggle, work with Adrian and you will get the results you’re looking for.

I’ve worked out off and on since college.  I’ve also eaten clean for periods of time.  However, I’ve never done both together for a long period of time.  I never took the time to plan my meals.  Mainly because I didn’t know how and I was too lazy to figure it out.  It was the same with workouts, I just did the same things I did in college.  I also let the business of life be an excuse for not taking care of myself.  Adrian has made it super easy from that standpoint.  With his knowledge and help, meal planning is easier than I thought.  Plus, the workouts are tailored to my goals and easy to follow.  Workouts are different each week which keeps it from becoming monotonous.  The accountability Adrian provides has been the biggest difference for me.  It keeps me focused and committed to completing the 12 weeks.  Our vidoe calls each week are informative and motivating. The tips from Adrian that address different issues I’ve encountered have been very helpful.  The main difference is in how I feel and in my appearance.  When my daughter came home from college, she could not believe how good I looked.  Also, when I see people I haven’t seen in awhile, they comment on how healthy I look and it’s only been 6 weeks.  I’m excited to see how I look and feel in 6 more weeks.  My goal is for this new routine to become a lifestyle for me moving forward.

This Revolution program has truly helped me get back in control of my health and on the path to being my best self again. I had let years of taking care of everyone and everything but myself get me in the worst shape of my life. I, for some reason, could not stay committed to a health plan on my own. At first I thought I could not invest the money on myself. Yet, after truly thinking about it, I realized it would be way more costly to me to not get my health back. I needed and wanted to be my best self again. I realized that paying a personal trainer the same amount of money as the Revolution program would only get me about 9 workouts. I needed more than that to help me get into a habit that would keep me on track to a healthier lifestyle. This is the first time I have EVER done a health plan where I avoided the scale and it is working so well. I used to get anxiety and so upset fit the scale didn’t move as much as it “should”. I would get discouraged and end up quitting. I’m now loving just giving my best everyday and making healthier choices. This is not a fast “fix” to get to a specific number like I’d done in the past, but instead a lifestyle change!! I cannot thank Adrian enough for working with me to customize my exercise and fitness program that truly works specifically for me. I am getting stronger and stronger and I’m enjoying myself once again and it doesn’t feel like I am on a weight loss diet!! I have made leaps and bounds with his knowledge, motivation, encouragement, and guidance. Doing The Revolution is one of the best investments I’ve made for myself in very a long time. I am finally on my way to being my best self again and it feels damn good!! THANK YOU ADRIAN!!!

I am at the half way point and have seen some major changes. I only wish I’d done this years ago. Week one was tough, completely cutting out the sugar (In my coffee, peach snapples, energy drinks, etc) that I had no idea how bad it was for me. I lost 11 lbs in the first 8 days! The hardest thing, being Irish, was giving up potatoes. Fortunately, sweet potatoes are great, so I still feel loyal to my people :-) Adrian gives great advice for the nutrition plan! I feel awesome and look better than I have in a very long time. After 6 weeks, things have become more habitual for me. The Revolution is a lifestyle change and I am grateful to Adrian for introducing me to it AND for having my back through it all, especially when I slip up or do not feel like going to the gym. Whether it’s a gut check, stern conversation, or praise for achieving a goal, our calls have provided exactly what I needed. As he preaches to me, ”Progression over perfection”. How right he is! I think anyone can attempt to change their diet or start to workout, I know that from personal experience, but the coaching and accountability is what I needed more than anything. I am SO looking forward to the next 6 weeks! 

So I decided to give the fitness revolution with Adrian a shot.  I’m no stranger to working out, but had let my fitness slip. I was having a tough time finding the motivation.  I thought a new approach may help.  Even more so than the discipline to work out, I was looking for someone to hold me accountable, especially when it came to my nutrition.  But I have found the experience so far to be more insightful than that. The program begins with a phone call.  There, it’s basically an opportunity to shape your personal goals and assess your overall fitness level and ability.  I suggest taking this opportunity to be open and honest.  Be truthful with him, and yourself. Share your struggles and potential pitfalls, express your concerns, and share your fears.  From there, Adrian will not only shape a workout program that suits you, but he’ll help guide you through the process.  He’ll give you challenges and provoke thoughts within about why we experience the challenges we face.  The candor and honesty go both ways! It’s been a fun process, one in which I’ve succeeded some and I’ve failed some. And I’ve never been made to feel small for my failures, but we have explored why they happen. I’ve felt supported throughout the process, as if I’m working with a coach that supports me being the best version of myself.  Now, I’m not gonna lie, you have to do the work!  But the Revolution will help you find a process that works specifically for you!  And the better your discipline, the better your results. One of the things that I’ve been most impressed by is Adrian’s ability to assess my progress and continue to produce workouts that challenge and push me.